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Forest Labyrinth

Forest Labyrinth "ITADAKI" is a 3D encyclopedia spread over five floors, over which you can experience the whole forest ecosystem. A stamp rally is held, where you can collect stamps from each of the 14 living creatures along all floors from levels one through five. And if you get incorrect answers at a total of two locations along the way, then it's game over right there and then. If you reach floor level five, then you made it through Forest Labyrinth "ITADAKI".

Q & A

Will it operate in the rain?
Yes. It is open even in rain. However, whether to enter or not is under the discretion of the guest. There are places that are slippery when wet. And since there is no roof covering, you may get water on you and your clothes may also get dirty.
Will it operate even when it gets dark?
It is open during circuit operating hours. The pathway is lit at points along the way, but we ask you to be utmost careful, as there are spots where you cannot see where you are walking.
Is it fit for small children to play?
Children three years old or older can enter, but any child younger than that must be accompanied by a family member. While waiting, we recommend using the adjacent facilities, the Indoor Rest Area (center lounge) or ROCCO Gelateria of the Woods (ice cream shop).
Is there an area to park baby strollers?
Baby strollers can be parked on the side of the Staff Room and be looked after. Just remind us of your return.
Is there any place to keep personal belongings?
Yes, there is a place next to the Staff Room. Please store any large-sized belongings minus your valuables on the shelf. Large items left unattended may prevent someone in the labyrinth from crouching or block others from moving through narrow corridors.
Can guests with disabilities enter?
There are stairs as well as the need to bend or move the body in the maze, so we ask you to judge yourselves whether to use the facility according to the level of the disability. And if you wish to proceed, a caretaker must always accompany the guest.
Where is the nearest lavatory?
The nearest lavatory facility is "Toilet for Everyone" at Mobility Resort Motegi Park. It is 100m ahead after crossing the road. And please be reminded that there are no lavatories in the labyrinth area.
How long does it usually take to make a full round?
You will need approximately 30 mins. to collect all 14 stamps and to enjoy each level.