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Mobility Resort Motegi Park

Mobility Resort Motegi Park

Mobility Resort Motegi TOPMobility Resort Motegi Park


Forest Obstacle Course

At DOKIDOKI there are 39 athletic obstacles from levels one through five, where you climb a gigantic acorn tree, overcoming various obstacles that are hidden along the way to reach the goal at the top.

There are two levels of play, where you can select the course according to your age and fitness level. And when you reach level five at the tree top you can slide down to your final goal with the slider after finishing DOKIDOKI.

Q & A

Will it operate in the rain?
Operations will be suspended during rain.
Can small children play?
No. However, anyone from age 6 and older can enter. Anyone younger than that may not enter DOKIDOKI. Small children can have fun at DOKIDOKI Square.
How long will it take?
Approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
Where can we keep our belongings?
You can keep your belongings at the storing shelves at the entrance, but for valuable items we ask you to use the lockers with a combination lock.
Are sandals or crocs allowed?
Sandals, crocs or any other shoes not fit for sport activities are not allowed.
You can enter with a passport or a ride ticket of 800 yen.
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Anyone under the following categories are requested not to use the facility:
Anyone who is pregnant, under the influence of alcohol or has injuries or feels pain on their bodies. Finally, please decide yourself whether you feel you are fit to use the facility or not on the day.
Lavatory Facilities
Please be reminded that there are no lavatories inside.
Weight Restrictions
Anyone under 90kg can go on the slider.
What happens if one wants to exit from the course?
There are escape exits along the way.