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Mobility Resort Motegi Park

Mobility Resort Motegi Park

Mobility Resort Motegi TOPMobility Resort Motegi Park


Rides and Attractions

Age requirement WITHOUT adult
Age requirement WITHOUT adult
Babies who can sit on their own
Babies who can sit on their own
Age requirement WITH adult
Age requirement WITH adult
Height requirement
Height requirement
Child who can ride  a bicycle without training wheels
Child who can ride a bicycle without training wheels
Licence Holders
Licence Holders
Off-Road Adventure DEKOBOKO
Off-Road Adventure DEKOBOKO 600yen Hone your skills to become an explore at the training center in the forest! Masterfully operate a massive machine and work together with your family to overcome the challenging DEKOBOKO course!
Giant Net Forest SUMIKA
Giant Net Forest SUMIKA 800yen Escape, hide and survive in the giant net forest with many lights and sound tricks.
Forest Obstacle Course "DOKIDOKI"
Forest Obstacle Course "DOKIDOKI" 800yen Overcome 39 obstacles while interacting with large insects and plants to reach the top! *1
Forest Labyrinth "ITADAKI"
Forest Labyrinth "ITADAKI" 800yen Observe, touch, and experience to solve 15 puzzles and collect 14 stamps. Reach the top (ITADAKI) on the 5th floor! *1
Motorcycle Training
Motorcycle Training 500yen Try out motorcycling for the first time in the forest!
Moto Touring
Moto Touring 500yen Take on a race in the forest!
Buzz-buzz Scooter
Buzz-buzz Scooter 300yen Go around the flower garden on a bee-shaped scooter!
Den-den Walk
Den-den Walk 200yen Learn traffic rules on the forest city course.
Forest Driving School
Forest Driving School 400yen Learn traffic rules on the forest city course.
Moto Racer
Moto Racer 600yen Try out cornering in a race against the clock!
Dream Kart
Dream Kart 600yen Drive an authentic engine-powered kart without a helmet! *2
Drift S
Drift S 600yen Try out authentic drifting! *2
Challenge Kart
Challenge Kart 800yen Beat the standard time and get a B License to ride a racing kart! *2
Racing Kart
Racing Kart 2,500-3,000yen New machines available! Two-passenger karts are now available for parents and children! *2
*1 Maximum weight for slides: 90kg
*2 Dream Kart and Drift S / Challenge Kart and Racing Kart use the same circuit. Availability depends on the schedule.

Attraction Fee Information

Passport elementary school students and up infant
(3years old to elementary)
Price 3,200yen 1,800yen
Passport / Attraction Ticket Office

■ Mobility Resort Motegi Park Ticket Office, License Center
■ Hello Woods Information
■ Racing Kart Reception Ticket Office
■ Forest Obstacle Course "DOKIDOKI"
■ Forest Labyrinth "ITADAKI"
■ Giant Net Forest SUMIKA


* Business hours vary, depending on the day of the week. For the specific hours, please check the information provided under the "Guide on Business Hours" section of the website, or inquire the park facility directly.
* Once you purchase the ticket, you cannot change, switch nor refund it. Even if you end up not using it, no refund will be accepted.
* When you enter each attraction, please show your passport at the entrance gate.
* Please pay the parking fee separately if you come by car.
* The ticket is a voucher. You can exchange it to a one-day passport at the Mobility Resort Motegi Park Ticket Box Office on any day during the period while your ticket is valid.
* The passport will be valid only for the day when you exchange your ticket to the passport.
* Some attractions may be out of service on certain days without any prior notice.