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Official app "Honda Collection Hall Exhibition Guide" (free-of-charge)

This is a multilingual app designed to translate the caption of the exhibits and other written descriptions in Honda Collection Hall that are currently written in Japanese and English into a different language specified by the user. This app can also be used to translate the subtitles of the video film shown as a part of "Honda The Locus of Dreams and Challenges" exhibition.

Supported languages: Chinese, Thai, English, Japanese

  • *The video film featured in "Honda The Locus of Dreams and Challenges" exhibition on the 1st floor is shown with English subtitles.
  • *There are some captions that are not supported with translations.
  • *The app runs for 10 hours from the time the user checks in.
  • *The displayed details are written in both English and Japanese, but the information is the same as the captions of the exhibits and other descriptions you can find in the hall.

Overview of "Honda Collection Hall Exhibition Guide" app exclusively for iOS / Android devices

■Service fee
Free-of-charge (the communication expenses required to install the app are borne by each app user)
■Supported operating systems (OS)
iOS 11 / Android 5 or higher (Cannot be used in the environment that is only supported in Japanese)
Palabra Inc. (*1)
Evixar Inc. (*2)

*1 Palabra Inc. is a company that specializes in the production of subtitles and voice guides that the audience will find easy to understand, whether the audience have visual and/or hearing disability or are foreigners who do not understand the Japanese language by taking into consideration both the users' level of comfort and joyful experience while using the audiovisual system developed to enjoy the image products through the support of their subtitles and voice guides and the needs of the operators who provide the facilities, as well as in finding and coordinating the use of the most appropriate technology available to optimize the given conditions. Simply put, this is a company that aims at building a society that is totally "barrier-free" in the true sense of the word.

*2 As the technology to automatically display subtitles in different languages, an acoustic communication technology called "Another Track®" developed by a company named Exivar Inc. has been adopted. This is a unique technology that allows advanced communication devices, such as, smartphones, smart glasses, and robotic terminals automatically recognize the "audio watermark" embedded in encrypted data and "audio footprints" of the sound sources stored in a database, and can control these devices real-time after they detect these audio watermarks and footprints. Through this technology, the new app used as the exhibition guide in Honda Collection Hall enables the visitors who have smartphones to view the image data of the exhibits and the subtitles explaining about them instantly on their device screen with experiencing any time lag, no matter how many visitors crowd the exhibition areas at once.

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