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Admission and Parking Fees

Admission and Parking Fees

Mobility Resort Motegi TOPAdmission and Parking Fees

Admission and Parking Fees

(Ages 13 and up)
(Ages 7-12)
(Ages 3-6)
1,900 yen 900 yen
Automobile Motorcycle
1,000 yen 500 yen

Fee for races and events

Information can be found below on admission and parking fees for those not wishing to view the races on the race/event days. Admissions to Mobility Resort Motegi Park, HELLOWOODS and Honda Collection when the races are held is possible by purchasing both the admission and parking fees. (Only an admission ticket will be necessary for entrance to the Fireworks Festival).

Please click here for more info on admissions.

* Business hours vary, depending on the day of the week. For the specific hours, please check the information provided under the "Guide on Operation Hours" section of the website, or inquire the park facility directly.
* Once you purchase the ticket, you cannot change, switch nor refund it. Even if you end up not using it, no refund will be accepted.
* When you enter each attraction, please show your Park Passport at the entrance gate.
* Please pay the parking fee separately if you come by car.
* The ticket is a voucher. You can exchange it to a one-day Park Passport at the Mobility Resort Motegi Park Ticket Box Office on any day during the period while your ticket is valid.
* The Park Passport will be valid only for the day when you exchange your ticket to the Park Passport.
* Some attractions may be out of service on certain days without any prior notice.

Attraction Fee Information
Park Passport elementary school students
and up
(3years old to elementary)
Price 3,400yen 2,200yen
Attraction ticket 1,000 yen's worth of tickets
(100 yen x 10 tickets)
Price 1,000 yen