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Circuit Kart

Drive on a "Genuine" Racing Course!

The Road Course: The Racing Course Opened in 1997.

Many fierce races have been fought on this race track: In the international scene with MotoGP™, the world's top motorcycle racing and for domestic races with SUPER GT were all held here at Motegi.

Enjoy the "real" racing course with your family and friends.

Two different layouts to enjoy:
the Special West Course and the Road Course.
The Special West Course has a special layout with a total length of 1.8 km and eight corner locations, and can only driven with circuit karts. The length of the Road Course is 4.8km and has 14 corner locations The course layout has a downhill straight with a height difference of 30.4m. Challenge yourselves by driving on these two courses!

Event Outline

Special West Course (1.8km) 1,200yen / lap
Full Course (4.8km) 2,200yen / lap

10 years old and over
* Children, 0-year-old up to 9 year old, may ride together with someone who is a junior high school student or older.

Maximum Passengers

Duration of Ride
Special West Course: ca. 10 mins.
Full Course: ca. 15 mins.

Maximum Speed

Registration Locations
Information Center
Control Tower

Event Schedule

Please refrain from lap sitting your child while driving. This is dangerous.
Before driving, please take off anything that can get entangled or blown away such as hats, scarves, mufflers and straps, etc.
Please refrain from placing sudden brakes or zigzag driving, as this may be bothersome to others.
Please refrain from standing up or side-saddling while driving. These are dangerous.
Please be aware that event times may change or be canceled due to weather, developments in the race or other unavoidable reasons, etc.
Please be aware that when your driving has been operationally determined as dangerous, you must stop and terminate your driving at that point. No refund will be made in such cases.