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About Mobility Resort Motegi

About Mobility Resort Motegi

Mobility Resort Motegi TOPAbout Mobility Resort Motegi

Origin of Mobility Resort Motegi

Mobility Resort Motegi opened its doors in 1997, in the town of Motegi in eastern Tochigi prefecture. Set on hills linked to the Hakko mountain chain, Mobility Resort Motegi is surrounded by forest, with the pure water of the Nakagawa river, originating on Mt. Nasu.

Mobility Resort Motegi has a variety of racing courses. One major attraction is watching the world's top races, such as MotoGP, and feeling the speed and excitement with the whole body.

Project for nature and the environment

Project for nature and the environmentThe main idea in the development of Mobility Resort Motegi was coexistence with nature. We aimed to keep the nearby forest as untouched as possible and leave the water system in its natural state, while reviving and increasing woodlands.

Using the natural environment effectively, we have our eyes firmly fixed on the coexistence of people with nature, an attitude that will remain into future.
The abundantly green Hello Woods in Mobility Resort Motegi offers different displays in each season.
In the rich natural asset of this forest, Satoyama (the forested village), a 21st century playground, has been built, so that children can devote themselves to play and still learn much from the plants and animals around them. Our hope is to expand and develop the circle of affinity with the completion of Satoyama.



Watch , Experience and Drive

There are various types of racing courses in Mobility Resort Motegi facility. Not only you can drive/ride, but also you can also feel the speed and power with your whole body while watching MotoGP™ and other top-class races. This is one of the major attractions for spectators.

Circuit Cruise
Honda Collection Hall

Honda Collection Hall

Enjoy the history of Honda products

Honda Collection Hall was opened in March 1998 with the aim of conveying the spirit of Honda's origins to a large crowd of visitors. Once you enter, you will be surrounded by a spacious environment designed to guide you through the history of Honda.
* The Honda Collection Hall will be temporarily closed from Monday, December 4, 2023 to prepare for its renewal and reopening in 2024.

Honda Collection Hall (External Link)

Mobility Resort Motegi Park

Enjoy operating a ride by yourself

You can learn the importance of traffic rules/manners while enjoying the opportunity to test your skills in various vehicles. It is a space for children who will be the next generation to create their own dreams manufacturing.

Rides and Attractions
Hello Woods'

Hello Woods'

Find your fun at the forest

This facility is surrounded by foothills rich in natural beauty. There is a wide variety of hands-on programs available for you to enjoy throughout the year such as playing in the woods, hand crafts, camping and forestry programs.

Traffic Education Center Motegi

Traffic Education Center Motegi

Learn safe riding,
Learn safe driving here

This is a driving and riding school which is a hands-on participation type facility. We offer a program administered by experienced instructors that can meet any range of needs from beginners to professional.

Mobility Resort Motegi Hotel

Mobility Resort Motegi Hotel

Have a relaxing time with great view

"Mobility Resort Motegi Hotel" was renovated to offer the best facilities for corporate and business functions. You can spend a full holiday in the airy and relaxed atmosphere that nature brings.

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